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Bus Rules

Bus Rules

It is the right of every student being transported to receive this service in the safest possible manner. In order to insure this, it is necessary for all students to know, and to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State and the local Board of Education. Parents of transported students are urged to help their children understand the importance of these rules as they relate to their personal safety. Because of an overriding concern to provide safe transportation for pupils, the school district may deny, suspend, or revoke transportation privileges to individual pupils, groups of pupils, or an entire bus for continued disorderly conduct, persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the bus driver, or violation of the rules and regulations of Unified School District 258 and/or the School Laws of the State of Kansas. When such action becomes necessary, the district will notify parents of the pupils involved of the impending suspension of service.

There shall be:

  1. No improper boarding or departing procedures or failure to be at bus stop on time. Students are encouraged to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.
  2. No bringing inappropriate or unsafe items aboard the bus.
  3. No refusing to obey the driver or aide.
  4. No fighting, making threats of bodily harm, pushing, tripping, hitting, spitting, littering, or eating on the bus.
  5. No failure to remain seated/ failure to fasten or keep on seatbelt or restraint.
  6. No hanging out of window, throwing objects in, out or at bus.
  7. No unnecessary noise or rude, discourteous and annoying conduct relating to the safety and welfare of others.
  8. No tampering with bus equipment or destruction of property.
  9. No use of profane language, gestures, or writings.
  10. No Non-deliverability, parent/guardian not present to receive child.

For violating these rules students will be reported to the school administration by the driver, and the privilege to ride the bus may be suspended or revoked, in addition to other administrative action.


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