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Music is way of life for students, staff

Thane MeadowsMusic is a giant part of our students and staff's everyday life. We have students and teachers interacting with music in many ways in our school. Whether it is in choir, band, or just in their free time our school is always blooming with music. 

Madison Riebel, a senior, is a great example of a student who interacts with music in her own way. Ask any student who has seen Reibel in the halls or class, she always has earbuds in. If she were to take one of her airpods out you would hear a symphony of country and alternative music. For Madison, music is a way to cope with her emotions and it helps her focus.

“Music helps me to drown out other background noises and keep me focused on my tasks,” Reibel said. 

Not only do our students interact with music, but our teachers do as well. Callee Kaufman, FACS teacher, is a big believer that music is a good way to focus. While teaching, Kaufman will play music softly in the background to help keep the students engaged and focused. Callee is adminant about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for her, this includes working out. While working out Kaufman almost always listens to music. She uses it as an escape, it helps her hone in on her workout and really get the most out of it. 

“For me music is a form of mental release,” Kaufman said. “No matter what mood you are in you can find a song that matches those feelings and release them into the world.”

Students at our school are also very involved with music during the school day in their classes. One of the extracurricular students can sign up for is choir, Camille Wood, a senior, is a very active member of our schools Pops Choir. Camille has been a member of the choir since she was a freshman. Singing for Camille is a way for her to get all of her feelings out there. She likes being able to have people know what she is feeling through the words and emotions she sings.

Music is a big part of our school life, we all use it in different ways. Without music most of the students and staff would not be the same people. We wouldn’t have people expressing themselves in the same way. Music is a beneficial instrument in our daily lives and without we would never be the same.