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Friendships 2 State Contest 2022

Similar personalities, interests lead to long-term friendship

Story by Peyten Galloway

They are the same age and both are outgoing. That is where the similarities stop. The differences go on and on. Their differences are what makes their friendship work.

Juniors Elizabeth Melendez and Morgan Hunter met more than 11 years ago, where they both went to a local daycare together, the Growing Place. Melendez describes Hunter as a trustworthy friend that has a great fashion sense. Then there is Melendez, someone that has her camera on her at all times and sometimes laughs a little loud but fills the room with joy. 

“We have been friends since around 2008,” Morgan Hunter, jr., said. “We went to the same daycare and our dads were friends, that is what brought us together.”

They cherish their friendship together because they know that they will always have each other to lean on. Melendez and Hunter push each other to excel in academics and athletics. 

“I know that I will always be able to count on Morgan,” Elizabeth Melendez, jr., said. “I never had to beg her to be there, she has always been there for me. That is how I know she is a true friend.”

Melendez and Hunter have to part ways next year to pursue their careers. 

“Friendship is one of the most powerful things,” Hunter said. “I am scared to leave my best friend next year but I know we can make it through it.”


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