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Meadows uses music as self-expression

Thane MeadowsNumerous students within our school listen to music on a daily basis. Some use it as a stress reliever, a way to stay focused, motivated, or even use it as a form of self expression. 

One student in particular from Humboldt High School demonstrates the uses of music in all four ways. Thane Meadows plays trumpet, piano, guitar, percussion and started singing in the school choir in 7th grade. His parents are the ones to thank for sparking his music interests at such a young age. 

“Music helps to keep me motivated throughout the day to finish my work and keep a positive mindset even when I feel overwhelmed,” Thane Meadows, sr., said.

Meadows has recently started creating his own music; but he has had a passion for all types of music since 6th grade. He writes daily and can sing anything from Christian/praise music to hip-hop and rap. 

Producing your own music can help you convey any possible form of emotion, express yourself or how you are feeling. 

“ Music is capable of making me feel any emotion, it all depends on what I am feeling,” Meadows said. “If I feel sad then I will listen to sad music or if I am happy then I will listen to happy, up-beat music.”




Thane Meadows is a well known student at Humboldt High School for his musical ability. Meadows plays a total of 5 different instruments, two for the school band and three on his own. Music has become his form of release and brings him comfort. He strives to better himself in all of his instruments and make the most out of his skills as a musician.