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What We Require

What We Require

  • All virtual students must be a Kansas resident to enroll
  • Completion of two, 6-hour sessions working in classes online                                                                                         – Dates will be assigned at enrollment – 
  • Internet access for your laptop
  • Completion of state standardized assessments for students under 18
  • HS students - Weekly commitment to online progress requirements
  • Adults - Monthly online progress requirements to remain in current active status


What We Provide

  • KSDE-accredited HS curriculum aligned with local, state, and national standards
  • Imagine Edgenuity Curriculum
  • Self-paced classes
  • Access to KS-licensed teachers and academic coaches that provide curriculum support
  • 24-hour turnaround support system
  • Staff members who genuinely care about you and your educational goals
  • Student support and internet access are available at the virtual school office
  • USD 258 Humboldt High School Diploma
  • High School Graduation Ceremony

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School Phone:
(620) 228-4186