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Humboldt High School has a strong journalism history that originated in 1973 under the leadership of Mr. Allen Wilhite. Wilhite advised The Cub Tracks Newspaper and Cub Yearbook as well as photography students until he retired in 2005. During his tenure the department won 12 state championships. After Wilhite’s retirement, Mrs. Kim Isbell stepped in to advise these publications, and she still currently advises them. Since Isbell became the adviser, the department has grown to also include Cub Prints Photography, Cub Tracks Online, and courses that include video and computer graphics instruction. During Isbell’s time as adviser, the department has won 10 state championships and is currently working to earn its ninth state championship in a row.

2018-19 Journalism Department Editors-in-Chief

The Cubs Tracks: Marisha Collins

Cub Tracks Online: Zoey Rinehart & Sadie Houk

Cub Yearbook: Aricah McCall

The Cub Prints: Taylor Beeman & Tori White

Photography Manager: Alex Melendez & Riley Brown


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