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Transportation General Information

The mission of the USD #258 Transportation Department is to provide safe, cost-effective, high quality transportation for students.

USD #258 Humboldt School District provides transportation to and from school for students living 2.5 miles or more from school. The State of Kansas reimburses school districts for transportation of students to and from school who live 2.5 miles and over from their school. The Humboldt School District will transport these students without charge. However, school districts in Kansas receive no funds for transportation of students living less than 2.5 miles from their school.

Transportation arrangements for special education students will be made to meet their needs.


Jack Ellis
USD # 258 Director of Transportation
801 New York
Humboldt, Kansas 66748

Buses carrying school children will be considered extensions of the school situation. All students using school bus transportation will abide by the school rules listed in the student handbook. Violations of the rules, as well as other conduct that is improper or jeopardizes the safety of other students, will not be tolerated. Such violations will be reported by the bus driver using the appropriate procedure and violators may be denied use of school transportation. The bus driver will be responsible for the bus at all times from departure until return. Drivers will not participate in any activity that might impair their driving ability. Drivers shall be courteous to students and parents.


  • Jack Ellis
  • Carrol Baker
  • Karl Allen
  • Shelli Murrow, Sub Driver
  • Ralph Dixon, Sub Driver

Emergency evacuation drills will be conducted at least two times per year for each student regularly transported to and from school in accord with Kansas School Transportation Regulations.

  1. All students shall know proper evacuation procedures with safety being the first and primary consideration. Students will be instructed in bus safety and drill procedures; they should know where and how to get help.
  2. Students may be evacuated through the front door only, the rear emergency door only or the front and rear simultaneously. Students in the seat closest to the exit will be evacuated first.
  3. At the time of evacuation, the bus driver will designate two to four students to assist in counting, helping to unload and/or keeping control of students in designated areas.
  4. Students should be at least 100 feet from the bus upon exiting and remain there, in a group, until given further instructions.
  5. The drills should be supervised by a school administrator or bus supervisor or their designee. The drills should be organized similar to fire drills and held on school property rather than on route. The drills should vary type of exit (front door, rear door, etc.).
  6. Drivers should remain on the bus during the drill. Children are not permitted to take lunch boxes, books, etc. with them when exiting the bus. Getting students off safely, quickly and orderly is the object of the drill.
  7. Drivers should follow the crisis procedure as listed in the “Crisis Management for Transportation.”

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