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Friendship State Contest 2022

Johnson, Sommer remain friends through sports, activities

Story by Chloe Daniels

While in high school, friendships change because people grow apart from each other and find different things that interest them. Only a handful of people are lucky enough to say that they have had the same friend since grade school. Maddox Johnson and Trey Sommer, jrs., are two people that are able to say they have been friends since they were little. 

They both met each other when they were in Mrs. Nickells kindergarten class and they instantly knew they were going to be friends. The following summer their parents decided to put  a traveling baseball team together called, The Big Train. 

“When we first started playing rec baseball we always had the same 4 or 5 kids on the team and there was definitely a lot of potential so our coaches decided to start a traveling team,” Sommer said. “ We excelled early on around the age of 8 or 9 years old.”

As the years went by Johnson and Sommer developed their own personalities but no matter how or in what way they changed, they always had baseball to bond over. Eventually, the Big Train baseball team came to an end as the boys were about to start their high school career. As they started playing high school sports, their friendship that they developed years ago started to help them out on the field. They were able to trust each other more because they had that long lasting friendship.

“Relying on and playing with a friend that has been by your side your entire life helps me become a better athlete and person, especially when we compete with each other or push each other to our limits,” Johnson said. 

As the two of them continue on their high school career and start to figure out where they are going to go in life they will always remember where it all started. Baseball will always be the thing that they bonded over the most and allowed them to become the best of friends. 


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