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Student Dress Code Contest Piece

Dress code double standard

Dress codes generally target clothes females wear more than males. 

While school dress codes are put in place to help with a better learning environment it is often indicating that women's clothes are a distraction.

“I don’t think womens clothing should be considered a distraction,” Kirsten Kobold, sr., said. “Young women should be taught to love and appreciate their bodies” 

Men never get targeted for their shoulders showing or their shorts being short. What is the difference between men wearing the same thing as women? Nowadays, men have shorts designed for a shorter look and are the same length as womens and they never get dress-coded at school.

“I believe that the dress code is focused on women more than men,” Kobold said. “Women are sexualized for their bodies and shamed for showing their skin. Teachers and other dress code enforcers don’t only base the dress code on the lengths but also on the body types of young women wearing the clothes.”

All women's bodies are different and the dress code should not differentiate from woman to woman. When women get dress coded for wearing something that a smaller busted woman wears it could lead to them thinking there is something wrong with their body. Which could result in an eating disorder or body dysmorphia.

“As a woman who has been dress-coded on many occasions it slowly began to affect how I viewed my body,” Kobold said.

Therefore, dress-codes are more directed towards women and specific body types. Dress codes should not dictate how someone feels about their body and the dress code should apply to everyone.

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