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Dress code contest piece 2

Student dress codes evolve through the years

If we were to go back in time about 30 years and look at how people dressed during that time period, we would see that dress codes back then were hardly a thing. People from that day in age wore dresses that went down their ankles and almost always wore sleeves. Fast forward to present day and the styles have completely changed from what they were 30 years ago. 

There are much more revealing clothes being sold in-stores for example, jeans with rips in them, crop tops, etc. These changes in style have led to schools having to create a much more strict dress code.

Although the dress codes these days are stricter than they once were, the girls dress code is composed of more stipulations when compared to the boys dress code. The girls can not wear a shirt that has straps shorter than the width of three fingers, their shorts must be longer than their fingertips, and the necklines of their shirts must maintain modesty. The rules that are in place are set in a way that can change depending on the person. For example, if you take a girl that has shorter arms and compare it to a girl with longer arms, it is going to be easier for the girl with shorter arms to find shorts that are appropriate compared to the girl with longer arms. 

“The dress code is very biased,” Abby Rinehart, sr., said. “If I feel comfortable in what I am wearing then I should not be dress-coded for that.”

The boys dress code has basically the same rules as a girl but without all the different stipulations. They do not have to worry about their necklines reaching a point that is no longer maintaining modesty nor do they have to worry about their shorts being shorter than their fingertips just because of how boys' shorts are made. 

“It’s unfair we should all be able wear what we please without feeling invalidated by what we wear,” Elizabeth Melendez, jr., said

Having a dress code helps maintain the school place environment but at the same time students need to feel comfortable when they come to school. A dress code that is able to give or take a little in some situations helps give students that comfort.

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