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Quiz Bowl


2020 at Humboldt2020 at Eureka

2020 at Neodesha2020 at Cherryvale


Location Rank Record Points
Eureka 4 2--7 450
Humbolddt 4 2--7 415
Neodesha 2 5--4 520
Cherryvale 4 3--6 425

Welcome to our site.  During our competition season, check back weekly from mid-February to mid-March to see our progress.


       Tri-Valley League Quiz Bowl is an interscholastic academic team activity for students in seventh and eighth grades.  Students use lock-out signaling systems while answering questions in the areas of social science, language arts, science, math, fine arts, Kansas facts, general knowledge, sports, and year in review.  The member schools are divided into two geographic tiers, north and south.  One school in each tier hosts three other league schools for a round-robin tournament.  Over the course of the four-week season, every school plays all of the other seven schools at least once.  Twelve students from each school compete in three different rooms at a time against students from another school.  Quiz Bowl is a fast-paced event that requires quick responses from the players.

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