Pre-School Behavior Management Plan

At preschool, our goal is to maintain a safe and orderly environment in which your child can learn. Therefore, I place a great emphasis on encouraging appropriate behavior of the children to help them develop self-control, self-confidence, and self-discipline. An effort is made to help the children understand why some behaviors are not acceptable, and suggestions for more desirable behaviors are offered. The rules are posted in the classroom and reviewed often with the children. Classroom rules children are expected to learn to follow are:
1) Always listen to your teachers.
2) Be nice to others.
3) Take care of the things in our classroom.
4) Give Me 5:

  • Eyes watching.
  • Ears listening.
  • Mouth quiet.
  • Hands to yourself.
  • Hearts caring. 

This rule is used during group time situations to gain the children's attention.
Consequences for breaking the rules are:

1) Positive redirection toward another activity.
2) Verbal warning stating the rule being broken and/or change of seat or activity.

If step 1 and 2 are unsuccessful in resolving the misbehavior, the child proceeds to the card system. The card system is a chart, which contains pockets that are labeled with each child’s name. Within each pocket are four different colored cards, which communicate the consequences for breaking the rules. All children begin each day on a green card with the goal of ending the day on green also. When a child continues to break a rule after steps 1 and 2 have been applied, they must change their cards to the next color:

3) Turn green card to yellow card—sit on “thinking carpet” for 3-4 minutes.
4) Turn yellow card to orange card—sit out for 4-5 minutes of recess or group game.
5) Turn orange card to red card—I contact parents and/or elementary principal.

All rules and consequences are discussed daily with the children. Those who stay on a green card all day will receive a sticker for their chart. Once they receive 10 stickers, they can pick a prize from my treasure box. Parental support and follow-through are necessary to any successful behavior management program. Please contact me if you have any questions.