Middle School Site Council By-Laws


COMPOSITION OF COUNCIL: The Humboldt K-8 Site Council will have a minimum of six members with representation from the following:

  • the principal
  • a teacher
  • other school personnel
  • parents
  • the business community
  • other community groups

MEMBERSHIP TERM LIMITS: All new members will serve a three year term. Those who have been selected and approved to occupy a vacancy on the council due to termination or resignation shall carry out the previous member’s term. Members who choose to run a second term must first be approved by the remaining council. Names of the new returning members will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval.

SCHEDULED MEETINGS: It will be decided at the September meeting what day during the month will be best for our meetings. The meetings will begin at 2:00 pm. Special meetings will be held when necessary. Election of chairperson and secretary will be held at the meeting in September.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Members on the Humboldt K-8 Site Council will be expected to:
attend all meetings- if unable to attend, contact the principal or chairperson.
acts as a communication link between the council and staff, students, parents, and community.
contribute to the group and help to function as a team, and
accept responsibilities for council work to assure that proposed objectives are achieved.

RESIGNATION OF MEMBERS: Should it become necessary for a member to resign their position before the completion of their term of office, the council will discuss a replacement and come up with three possible candidates to fill the opening. (Candidates will represent the same constituents as the member who resigned). A vote of the council will be used to determine the first, second and third choice. Beginning with the first choice, the candidates will be asked to serve the remaining term on the council. Upon accepting the position, thier name will be submitted to the Board of Education for approval.

MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the Site Council per Unified School District #258 Board of Education policy is to provide advice and counsel for evaluating state, school district, and school site performance goals and objectives and in recommending methods which may be employed at the school site to meet these goals.

MONTHLY REPORT: A monthly report of the council will be presented to the Board of Education as required by the Board of Education.


Guidelines for the council’s activities should be determined by the BOE
Site Council Should:

  • review the school profile and the school improvement plan and provide suggestions on ways school improvement goals can be met.
  • discuss reasons why performance is slow in certain areas and suggest changes to help performance increase.
  • reviewing curriculum after staff has developed it, making suggestions and providing support for curricular decisions.
  • communicating school goals and accomplishments to the community.
  • collecting information if approved by the local BOE.
  • and providing suggested policy changes, which are related to school goals.

An effective School Site Council

  • operate with a clear sense of purpose
  • meet on a regular basis
  • work from a prepared agenda
  • make the public aware of meetings (Must operate under the Kansas Open Meeting Law)
  • involving all members of the council
  • understand their role is advisory in nature
  • elect their leadership
  • establish effective communication with the community
  • seek BOE approval for all activities and submit reports to the board when requested

Role of the Principal and the School site Council

  • assisting to establish and implement a “shared Vision” for school improvement.
  • “being Involved” with the council by attending its meetings and taking an active role.
  • providing the council with “Relevant Information” for assessing the schools overall plan for improvment. (This includes information about curriculum, test scores, budget, district and state policies and laws)
  • securing “support Services” such as secretarial assistance, transportation and funding for council activities.
  • Securing and supporting “Training Opportunities”.
  • establishing an atmosphere where “Open Discussion” is encouraged by all members.

BOE Roles and Responsibilities

  • clearly defining the role and purpose of the school site c ouncils by staying informed about site council activities and providing direction.
  • providing resources for site council activities such as sending council members to workshops.
  • recognizing site councils by providing certificate of appreciation, hosting luncheons and dinners, publicizing site council efforts in district newsletters and writing news releases for local newspapers.
  • making a philosophical commitment to site councils as a means of parent and community involvement.