Stephanie Splechter

About Principal
  • I graduated from Pittsburg State University with a BS-ED, major in Physical Education and minor in Health, in the fall of 1994 and with a MS degree in Building Leadership in the Spring of 2014 . After one year of teaching Special Education at Iola, I taught High School and Middle School PE and Health in Humboldt for 17yrs. This is my 5th year as Athletic Director.  This is my third year as Humboldt Middle School Principal.  

I am married to Levi and the Mother of Emily, Alana, Michael, Sheri, and Gracie.

"Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference." Claire Fagin
Building Goals: 

Curriculum and Instruction

Align the district curriculum to the Kansas Career and College Ready standards and implement district-wide.

  • Complete the design of the KCCR Math Map. 
  • Complete the design of the KCCR ELA Map.
  • Complete the design of the KCCR Science Map.
  • Complete the design of the KCCR Social Studies Map.

 Ensure all teachers have supports and programs in place for continuous growth.

  • Needs assessment for each subject so curriculum team can develop goals to meet teacher/student needs.
  • Evaluate Pearson for Common Core Alignment.
  • Utilize curriculum maps to develop lesson plans/projects grades 6-8
  • Develop cross curricular projects  

Integrate writing in all subject areas. 

  • 6-trait + 1 Training
  • Develop a quarterly comprehensive writing activity for each grade level. 
  • Incorporate a writing activity once a chapter throughout the school year.


To provide technologies to support classroom instruction that enhances higher order thinking skills as required by the Kansas Career and College Ready Standards.

  • To provide up-to-date professional development for technology integration. Smaller grouped specific training that is used to build instructional strategies and projects that can be taken back and utilized in the classroom.
  • Utilize in-house training for more effective use of Smartboards.
  • implement and reinforce keyboarding skills as well as other computer skills. 

To provide technologies that promote diversified independent learning and foster higher order thinking skills as required by the Kansas Career and College Ready Standards.

  • Use technology to research and expand learning beyond the current curriculum. Students will use the internet to access additional resources when learning, writing, and presenting.
  • Use of digital citizenship in the learning environment. Students will apply the principles of digital citizenship when researching, writing and presenting information.
  • Use Internet Safety. Students will follow the recommended safeguards when posting projects online.

Character and Recognition

Improve attitudes, positive behaviors, and relationships within the school.

  • Weekly Character Challenge
  • Operation Orange
  • Principal Wall of character recognition.
  • Social skill for the month on the Counselor’s bulletin board
  • Unstructured student interaction to help with getting along and manners.
  • 8th grade recognition breakfast


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